I am currently working on making a videogame with my friends.

Previously, I was a designer working at Shopify focused on the admin product — the thing merchants use to manage their stores. I was there for almost 10 years and worked on hard problems while teaching others how to do the same.

The last thing I was doing while there was high level "individual contributor" product design work on complex product defining problems. Before that I led teams working on making the logistics of managing orders and inventory easier for everyone. Before *that* I was focused on aligning the product through the creation and growth of a design system.

I mostly design products but some of my more visually interesting work can be found on Dribbble.

I have a Twitter account called @heal for some reason?

I enjoy listening to loud, often spooky, music.

I like doing branding and logos for fun, especially if it's game or music related. If you think you've got a cool project you can email me about it, if you need anything else good luck.

– Ian